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Bio::Application::_AbstractParameter Class Reference

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Bio::Application::_Argument Bio::Application::_Option

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Detailed Description

A class to hold information about a parameter for a commandline.

Do not use this directly, instead use one of the subclasses.


o names -- a list of string names by which the parameter can be
referenced (ie. ["-a", "--append", "append"]). The first name in
the list is considered to be the one that goes on the commandline,
for those parameters that print the option. The last name in the list
is assumed to be a "human readable" name describing the option in one

o param_type -- a list of string describing the type of parameter, 
which can help let programs know how to use it. Example descriptions
include 'input', 'output', 'file'

o checker_function -- a reference to a function that will determine
if a given value is valid for this parameter. This function can either
raise an error when given a bad value, or return a [0, 1] decision on
whether the value is correct.

o description -- a description of the option.

o is_required -- a flag to indicate if the parameter must be set for
the program to be run.

o is_set -- if the parameter has been set

o value -- the value of a parameter

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