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Bio::EUtils::Datatypes::SearchResult Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Store results from a database search

Attributes are:
   count -- total number of matches to the query
   retmax -- total number of identifiers requested
   retstart -- a search can return a portion of the total
       number of results.  retstart is the offset into this list
   ids -- matching identifiers (may be a subset of the full list)
   translation_set -- dict mapping an input name to the canonical
       form prefered by NCBI
   expression -- the full equery as understood by NCBI
   webenv -- the WebEnv string (if use_history is set)
   query_key -- the query_key (if use_history is set)
   errors -- list of Problems in the ErrorList
   warnings -- list of Problems in the WarningList
   timestamp -- timestamp (from time.time()) when this record
       was received from the server.

Returns a list of identifers instead of a DBIds because the output
from NCBI's eSearch doesn't include the database name.

Definition at line 309 of file Datatypes.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__

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