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Bio::Medline::Record Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Holds information from a Medline record.

id                     Medline ID.
pubmed_id              Pubmed ID.

mesh_headings          List of MeSH headings.
mesh_tree_numbers      List of MeSH Tree Numbers.
mesh_subheadings       List of MeSH subheadings.

abstract               The abstract.
comments               List of references to comments.
abstract_author        The author of the abstract.
english_abstract       "A" if a foreign article has an english abstract.

source                 Bibliographic information.
publication_types      List of type of publication.
number_of_references   Number of bibliographic references, for REVIEW pubs.

authors                List of authors.
no_author              "A" for anonymous.
address                Address of the first author.

journal_title_code     Three-character code assigned to the journal.
title_abbreviation     Abbreviation of journal title.
issn                   International Standard Serial Number.
journal_subsets        List of strings that describe journal groupings.
country                Country of publication
languages              List of languages of the article.

title                  Article title.
transliterated_title   Title in the original language.
call_number            The call number of the journal issue.
issue_part_supplement  Issue, part, or supplement of journal published.
volume_issue           Volume number of journal.
publication_date       Date published (string).
year                   Year published (string).
pagination             Inclusive pages of an indexed item.

special_list           Coding for the database of the citation.

substance_name         Preferred name for a chemical or drug.
gene_symbols           List of abbreviated gene names.
secondary_source_ids   List of source databanks and accessions.
identifications        List of research grant or contract numbers.
registry_numbers       List of CAS or EC numbers.

personal_name_as_subjects  List of individuals who are subjects.

record_originators     List of people who worked on record.
entry_date             Date record made machine readable (YYMMDD).
entry_month            YYMM entered into Medline.
class_update_date      Date touched by Class Maintenance action (string).
last_revision_date     Date for minor revision.
major_revision_date    Date for major revision.

undefined              List of lines that don't match the standard.

Definition at line 23 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__

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