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def Bio::MultiProc::copen::_ProcHandle::close (   self  ) 

Close the process, killing it if it is still running.

Definition at line 156 of file copen.py.

00156                    :
        """Close the process, killing it if it is still running."""
        # If this gets called in the middle of object initialization,
        # the _closed attribute will not exist.
        if not hasattr(self, '_closed') or self._closed:
        # on cleanup, _active may not be defined!
        if _active and self in _active:
        if not self._done:
            self.killsig = self._kill()
            self._end = time.time()
            self.status = None
            self.killsig = signal.SIGTERM
            self._done = 1
        self._output = []
        self._closed = 1

    def fileno(self):

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