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Bio::Pathway::Reaction Class Reference

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Abstraction for a biochemical transformation.

This class represents a (potentially reversible) biochemical
transformation of the type:

  a S1 + b S2 + ... --> c P1 + d P2 + ...

- a, b, c, d ... are positive numeric stochiometric coefficients,
- S1, S2, ... are substrates
- P1, P2, ... are products

A Reaction should be viewed as the net result of one or more individual
reaction steps, where each step is potentially facilitated by a different
catalyst. Support for 'Reaction algebra' will be added at some point in
the future.


reactants   -- map of involved species to their stochiometric coefficients:
                 reactants[S] = stochiometric constant for S
catalysts   -- list of tuples of catalysts required for this reaction
reversible  -- true iff reaction is reversible
data        -- reference to arbitrary additional data


for all S in reactants.keys(): reactants[S] != 0
for all C in catalysts.keys(): catalysts[C] != 0

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