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Bio::SeqFeature::SeqFeature Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Represent a Sequence Feature on an object.

o location - the location of the feature on the sequence
o type - the specified type of the feature (ie. CDS, exon, repeat...)
o location_operator - a string specifying how this SeqFeature may
be related to others. For example, in the example GenBank feature
shown below, the location_operator would be "join"
o strand - A value specifying on which strand (of a DNA sequence, for
instance) the feature deals with. 1 indicates the plus strand, -1 
indicates the minus strand, 0 indicates both strands, and None indicates
that strand doesn't apply (ie. for proteins) or is not known.
o id - A string identifier for the feature.
o ref - A reference to another sequence. This could be an accession
number for some different sequence.
o ref_db - A different database for the reference accession number.
o qualifier - A dictionary of qualifiers on the feature. These are
analagous to the qualifiers from a GenBank feature table. The keys of
the dictionary are qualifier names, the values are the qualifier
o sub_features - Additional SeqFeatures which fall under this 'parent'
feature. For instance, if we having something like:

CDS    join(1..10,30..40,50..60)

The the top level feature would be a CDS from 1 to 60, and the sub
features would be of 'CDS_join' type and would be from 1 to 10, 30 to
40 and 50 to 60, respectively.

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