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Bio::SwissProt::SProt::Record Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Holds information from a SwissProt record.

entry_name        Name of this entry, e.g. RL1_ECOLI.
data_class        Either 'STANDARD' or 'PRELIMINARY'.
molecule_type     Type of molecule, 'PRT',
sequence_length   Number of residues.

accessions        List of the accession numbers, e.g. ['P00321']
created           A tuple of (date, release).
sequence_update   A tuple of (date, release).
annotation_update A tuple of (date, release).

description       Free-format description.
gene_name         Gene name.  See userman.txt for description.
organism          The source of the sequence.
organelle         The origin of the sequence.
organism_classification  The taxonomy classification.  List of strings.
taxonomy_id       A list of NCBI taxonomy id's.
references        List of Reference objects.
comments          List of strings.
cross_references  List of tuples (db, id1[, id2][, id3]).  See the docs.
keywords          List of the keywords.
features          List of tuples (key name, from, to, description).
                  from and to can be either integers for the residue
                  numbers, '<', '>', or '?'

seqinfo           tuple of (length, molecular weight, CRC32 value)
sequence          The sequence.

Definition at line 44 of file SProt.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__

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