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Bio::SwissProt::SProt::_Scanner Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Scans SwissProt-formatted data.

Tested with:
Release 37
Release 38

Definition at line 311 of file SProt.py.

Public Member Functions

def feed

Private Member Functions

def _scan_ac
def _scan_cc
def _scan_de
def _scan_dr
def _scan_dt
def _scan_ft
def _scan_gn
def _scan_id
def _scan_kw
def _scan_line
def _scan_oc
def _scan_og
def _scan_os
def _scan_ox
def _scan_ra
def _scan_rc
def _scan_record
def _scan_reference
def _scan_rl
def _scan_rn
def _scan_rp
def _scan_rt
def _scan_rx
def _scan_sequence_data
def _scan_sq
def _scan_terminator

Static Private Attributes

list _scan_fns

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