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#!/usr/bin/env python
Internal class to convert DTDs to python form.

dtd2py [-m mixinmodule] [-u] <DTDfile>...

Converts the given DTD to a python form, and stores it in the dtds package
directory. That directory should be writable by the user running this. 
The new dtds module will have the same base name as the DTD, but with dashes and dots converted to underscores.

      -m <modulename> -- specify a mixin module to load. If a class in this
      module matches the DTD element name plus "Mixin" appended, then that class
      will be inherited from in the generated element class.
      -u  -- convert all element tag names to uppercase. Otherwise, case is
      preserved. Some XML applications specify using uppercase, others case
      preserving. Some XML element names may match python keyword or builtin
      names, and those DTDs should also be converted to uppercase to avoid syntax
      errors in the generated file.


import sys, os
import getopt

from Bio.EUtils import POM

def compile_file(dtdfile, mixin, toupper):
      outfilename = POM.get_mod_file(dtdfile)
##    try:
      if 1:
            outfile = open(outfilename, "w")
                  dtdp = POM.get_dtd_compiler(outfile, mixin, toupper)
##    except:
##          os.unlink(outfilename)
##          print "COMPILE ERROR: while parsing:", dtdfile
##          import traceback, pdb
##          t, v, tb = sys.exc_info()
##          traceback.print_exception(t, v, tb)
#           pdb.pm()

def do_it(filelist, mixin, toupper):
      if len(filelist) == 1:
            compile_file(filelist[0], mixin, toupper)
            for dtdfile in filelist:
                  print "Compiling:", dtdfile
                  compile_file(dtdfile, mixin, toupper)

def main(argv):
      if len(argv) > 1:
            mixin = None
            toupper = 0
            args, files = getopt.getopt(argv[1:], "m:u")
            for opt, value in args:
                  if opt == "-m":
                              mixin = __import__(value)
                              print "Warning: could not import mixin module"
                              mixin = None
                  if opt == "-u":
                        toupper = 1
            do_it(files, mixin, toupper)
            print __doc__

if __name__ == "__main__":

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