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Bio::SubsMat::MatrixInfo Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

A whole bunch of substitution matrices for use in alignments, etc.

The info on this page was obtained from:
and was extracted using the code in 'get_matrices.py.'


list available_matrices
dictionary benner22
dictionary benner6
dictionary benner74
dictionary blosum100
dictionary blosum30
dictionary blosum35
dictionary blosum40
dictionary blosum45
dictionary blosum50
dictionary blosum55
dictionary blosum60
dictionary blosum62
dictionary blosum65
dictionary blosum70
dictionary blosum75
dictionary blosum80
dictionary blosum85
dictionary blosum90
dictionary blosum95
dictionary feng
dictionary fitch
dictionary genetic
dictionary gonnet
dictionary grant
dictionary ident
dictionary johnson
dictionary levin
dictionary mclach
dictionary miyata
dictionary nwsgappep
dictionary pam120
dictionary pam180
dictionary pam250
dictionary pam30
dictionary pam300
dictionary pam60
dictionary pam90
dictionary rao
dictionary risler
dictionary structure

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