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Martel::test::testformats::swissprot38 Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Parser for the SWISS-PROT 38 format.

You probably want to use the variables 'record' (for a single record)
and 'format' (for a set of records).


def Simple


tuple AC
tuple AC_block = Martel.Group("AC_block", Martel.Rep1(AC))
tuple bogus_DR_group
tuple CC
tuple CC_begin
tuple CC_copyright
tuple CC_copyright_begin
tuple CC_copyright_end
tuple comment
tuple DE = Simple("DE", "description")
tuple DE_block = Martel.Group("DE_block", Martel.Rep1(DE))
tuple DR
tuple DR_block = Martel.Group("DR_block", Martel.Rep1(DR))
tuple DR_embl
tuple DR_general
tuple DR_prosite
tuple DT_ann_update
tuple DT_created
tuple DT_seq_update
tuple end = Martel.Group("END", Martel.Str("//") + Martel.AnyEol())
tuple feature_block = Martel.Group("feature_block", Martel.Rep1(FT))
tuple format
tuple format_expression = Martel.Group("swissprot38", Martel.Rep1(record))
tuple FT = Martel.Group("feature", FT_range + Martel.Rep(FT_continuation))
tuple FT_continuation
tuple FT_range
tuple GN = Simple("GN", "gene_names")
tuple GN_block = Martel.Group("GN_block", Martel.Rep1(GN))
tuple ID
tuple KW = Simple("KW", "keyword")
tuple KW_block = Martel.Group("KW_block", Martel.Rep1(KW))
tuple OC = Simple("OC", "organism_classification")
tuple OC_block = Martel.Group("OC_block", Martel.Rep1(OC))
tuple OG = Simple("OG", "organelle")
tuple OG_block = Martel.Group("OG_block", Martel.Rep1(OG))
tuple OS = Simple("OS", "organism_species")
tuple OS_block = Martel.Group("OS_block", Martel.Rep1(OS))
tuple RA = Simple("RA", "reference_author")
tuple RA_block = Martel.Group("RA_block", Martel.Rep1(RA))
tuple RC = Simple("RC", "reference_comment")
tuple RC_block = Martel.Group("RC_block", Martel.Rep1(RC))
tuple record
tuple reference
tuple RL = Simple("RL", "reference_location")
tuple RL_block = Martel.Group("RL_block", Martel.Rep1(RL))
tuple RN = Martel.Group("RN", Martel.Re("RN \[(?P<reference_number>\d+)]\R"))
tuple RP = Simple("RP", "reference_position")
tuple RT = Simple("RT", "reference_title")
tuple RT_block = Martel.Group("RT_block", Martel.Rep1(RT))
tuple RX
tuple sequence
tuple single_comment
tuple SQ
tuple SQ_data

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