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def setup::check_dependencies (  ) 

Return whether the installation should continue.

Definition at line 67 of file setup.py.

00067                         :
    """Return whether the installation should continue."""
    # There should be some way for the user to tell specify not to
    # check dependencies.  For example, it probably should not if
    # the user specified "-q".  However, I'm not sure where
    # distutils stores that information.  Also, install has a
    # --force option that gets saved in self.user_options.  It
    # means overwrite previous installations.  If the user has
    # forced an installation, should we also ignore dependencies?
    dependencies = [
        ("mxTextTools", is_mxTextTools_installed, 1,
        ("Numerical Python", is_Numpy_installed, 0,
        ("Reportlab", is_reportlab_installed, 0,

    for name, is_installed_fn, is_required, url in dependencies:
        if is_installed_fn():

        print "*** %s *** is either not installed or out of date." % name
        if is_required:

            print """
This package is required for many Biopython features.  Please install
it before you install Biopython."""
            default = 0
            print """
This package is optional, which means it is only used in a few
specialized modules in Biopython.  You probably don't need this if you
are unsure.  You can ignore this requirement, and install it later if
you see ImportErrors."""
            default = 1
        print "You can find %s at %s." % (name, url)
        # exit automatically if required packages not installed
        if not(default):

        if not get_yes_or_no(
            "Do you want to continue this installation?", default):
            return 0
    return 1

class install_biopython(install):

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