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def Bio::SCOP::Astral::domainsClusteredById (   self,

get domains clustered by percent id

Definition at line 755 of file __init__.py.

00755                                      :
        """get domains clustered by percent id"""
        if not self.IdDatasets.has_key(id):
            if self.db_handle:
                self.IdDatasets[id] = self.getAstralDomainsFromSQL("id"+str(id))
                if not self.path:
                    raise RuntimeError, "No scopseq directory specified"
                file_prefix = "astral-scopdom-seqres-sel-gs"
                filename = "%s-bib-%s-%s.id" % (file_prefix, id, self.version)
                filename = os.path.join(self.path,filename)
                self.IdDatasets[id] = self.getAstralDomainsFromFile(filename)
        return self.IdDatasets[id]

    def getAstralDomainsFromFile(self,filename=None,file_handle=None):

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