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Bio::MEME::Motif::Motif Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A generic motif class.

A Motif has information about the alphabet used in the motif,
the length of the motif, the motif name, the number of occurrences,
and the individual instances of the motif. Each of the instances
is an object of the Instance class.

add_instance(instance): adds a new instance of the motif.
get_instance_by_name(name): returns an instance with the specified name.

Definition at line 11 of file Motif.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_instance
def get_instance_by_name
def make_consensus
def make_pssm

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _alphabet
def _consensus
def _length
def _name
def _numoccurrences

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