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# Copyright 2001 by Jeffrey Chang.  All rights reserved.
# This code is part of the Biopython distribution and governed by its
# license.  Please see the LICENSE file that should have been included
# as part of this package.
"""Code to schedule and run multiple processes.

import warnings
warnings.warn("Bio.MultiProc is deprecated. If you want to use this code, please let the Biopython developers know by sending an email to biopython-dev@biopython.org to avoid permanent removal of Bio.MultiProc.",

def run(nprocs, fn, fn_args=(), fn_keywds={},
        sleep=0.1, always_use_scheduler=0):
    """run(nprocs, fn[, fn_args][, fn_keywds][, sleep])

    Run nprocs copies of fn concurrently.  The first two parameters of
    fn should be a process number (0 to nprocs-1) and the total number
    of processes.  Additional arguments and keywords can be passed in
    the fn_args and fn_keywds parameters.  Sleep is the amount of time
    the scheduler should wait between process polls.

    if nprocs < 1 or nprocs > 100:
        raise ValueError, "nprocs %d out of range" % nprocs
    # Undocumented: return a list of return values.  The return values
    # of the functions must be pickle-able types.  This is
    # undocumented and may go away in future releases.  I'm not sure
    # it's a good idea right now...
    retvals = [None] * nprocs
    # If they only want to run 1 process, then just run it without
    # going through the scheduler.
    if nprocs == 1 and not always_use_scheduler:
        args = (0, 1) + fn_args
        r = fn(*args, **fn_keywds)
        retvals[0] = r
        import time
        import Scheduler
        import Task
        def save_retval(task, retvals=retvals):
            i = int(task.getName())
            retvals[i] = task.retval
        scheduler = Scheduler.Scheduler(nprocs, finish_fn=save_retval)
        for i in range(nprocs):
            args = (i, nprocs) + fn_args
            task = Task.Task(name=i, target=fn, args=args, kwargs=fn_keywds)
        while scheduler.run():
    return retvals

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