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00001 """
Simple scheduling of threads to be run.

Scheduler   Schedules threads to be run.


import warnings
warnings.warn("Bio.MultiProc is deprecated. If you want to use this code, please let the Biopython developers know by sending an email to biopython-dev@biopython.org to avoid permanent removal of Bio.MultiProc.",

00014 class Scheduler:
    """Schedules threads to be run.  No prioritization.  Nothing fancy.

    add           Add a thread to be run.
    num_left      Return the number of threads left.
    num_running   Return the number of threads currently running.
    run           Main loop.  Returns whether there's still threads left.
00024     def __init__(self, max_threads, start_fn=None, finish_fn=None):
        """Scheduler(max_threads[, start_fn][, finish_fn]) -> object

        max_threads is the maximum number of threads to run at a time.
        start_fn and finish_fn are optional callbacks that take a
        thread as an argument.  They are called before and after each

        if max_threads <= 0:
            raise ValueError, "You must specify a positive number of threads!"
        self._max_threads = max_threads  # maximum active threads at a time
        self._start_fn = start_fn        # called before a thread starts
        self._finish_fn = finish_fn      # called when a thread is finished
        self._waiting = []               # list of threads waiting to run
        self._in_progress = []           # list of threads running

00041     def run(self):
        """S.run() -> boolean

        Execute the main loop.  Return a boolean indicating whether
        threads are still running.

        # See if the running threads are finished.  Remove any that
        # are.
        while i < len(self._in_progress):
            if not self._in_progress[i].isAlive():
                t = self._in_progress.pop(i)
                if self._finish_fn:
                i = i + 1

        # If I have any more slots, start new threads.
        while self._waiting and len(self._in_progress) < self._max_threads:
            t = self._waiting.pop(0)
            if self._start_fn:
        return self._waiting or self._in_progress

00069     def add(self, thread):

00073     def num_left(self):
        """S.num_left() -> number of threads left to run"""
        return len(self._waiting)

00077     def num_running(self):
        """S.num_running() -> number of threads currently running"""
        return len(self._in_progress)

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