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Bio::PopGen::GenePop::Record Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Holds information from a GenePop record.

marker_len         The marker length (2 or 3 digit code per allele).    

comment_line       Comment line.

loci_list          List of loci names.

populations        List of population data.

populations has one element per population. Each element is itself
a list of individuals, each individual is a pair composed by individual
name and a list of alleles (2 per marker): Example
        ('Ind1', [(1,2),    (3,3), (200,201)],
        ('Ind2', [(2,None), (3,3), (None,None)],
        ('Other1', [(1,1),  (4,3), (200,200)],

Definition at line 29 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def remove_locus_by_name
def remove_locus_by_position
def remove_population
def split_in_loci
def split_in_pops

Public Attributes


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