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# Copyright 1999 by Jeffrey Chang.  All rights reserved.
# This code is part of the Biopython distribution and governed by its
# license.  Please see the LICENSE file that should have been included
# as part of this package.

This module provides code to work with Medline.

Record           Holds Medline data.
Iterator         Iterates over a file containing Medline records.
RecordParser     Parses a Medline record into a Record object.

_Scanner         Scans a Medline record.
_RecordConsumer  Consumes Medline data to a Record object.


from Bio import File
from Bio.ParserSupport import *

00022 class Record:
    """Holds information from a Medline record.

    id                     Medline ID.
    pubmed_id              Pubmed ID.

    mesh_headings          List of MeSH headings.
    mesh_tree_numbers      List of MeSH Tree Numbers.
    mesh_subheadings       List of MeSH subheadings.

    abstract               The abstract.
    comments               List of references to comments.
    abstract_author        The author of the abstract.
    english_abstract       "A" if a foreign article has an english abstract.
    source                 Bibliographic information.
    publication_types      List of type of publication.
    number_of_references   Number of bibliographic references, for REVIEW pubs.

    authors                List of authors.
    no_author              "A" for anonymous.
    address                Address of the first author.

    journal_title_code     Three-character code assigned to the journal.
    title_abbreviation     Abbreviation of journal title.
    issn                   International Standard Serial Number.
    journal_subsets        List of strings that describe journal groupings.
    country                Country of publication
    languages              List of languages of the article.
    title                  Article title.
    transliterated_title   Title in the original language.
    call_number            The call number of the journal issue.
    issue_part_supplement  Issue, part, or supplement of journal published.
    volume_issue           Volume number of journal.
    publication_date       Date published (string).
    year                   Year published (string).
    pagination             Inclusive pages of an indexed item.
    special_list           Coding for the database of the citation.

    substance_name         Preferred name for a chemical or drug.
    gene_symbols           List of abbreviated gene names.
    secondary_source_ids   List of source databanks and accessions.
    identifications        List of research grant or contract numbers.
    registry_numbers       List of CAS or EC numbers.
    personal_name_as_subjects  List of individuals who are subjects.
    record_originators     List of people who worked on record.
    entry_date             Date record made machine readable (YYMMDD).
    entry_month            YYMM entered into Medline.
    class_update_date      Date touched by Class Maintenance action (string).
    last_revision_date     Date for minor revision.
    major_revision_date    Date for major revision.

    undefined              List of lines that don't match the standard.
    def __init__(self):
        self.id = ''
        self.pubmed_id = ''
        self.mesh_headings = []
        self.mesh_tree_numbers = []
        self.mesh_subheadings = []
        self.abstract = ''
        self.comments = []
        self.abstract_author = ''
        self.english_abstract = ''
        self.source = ''
        self.publication_types = []
        self.number_of_references = ''
        self.authors = []
        self.no_author = ''
        self.address = ''
        self.journal_title_code = ''
        self.title_abbreviation = ''
        self.issn = ''
        self.journal_subsets = []
        self.country = ''
        self.languages = []
        self.title = ''
        self.transliterated_title = ''
        self.call_number = ''
        self.issue_part_supplement = ''
        self.volume_issue = ''
        self.publication_date = ''
        self.year = ''
        self.pagination = ''
        self.special_list = ''
        self.substance_name = ''
        self.gene_symbols = []
        self.secondary_source_ids = []
        self.identifications = []
        self.registry_numbers = []
        self.personal_name_as_subjects = []

        self.record_originators = []
        self.entry_date = ''
        self.entry_month = ''
        self.class_update_date = ''
        self.last_revision_date = ''
        self.major_revision_date = ''

        self.undefined = []
00138 class Iterator:
    """Returns one record at a time from a file of Medline records.

    next   Return the next record from the stream, or None.

00145     def __init__(self, handle, parser=None):
        """__init__(self, handle, parser=None)

        Create a new iterator.  handle is a file-like object.  parser
        is an optional Parser object to change the results into another form.
        If set to None, then the raw contents of the file will be returned.

        self._handle = handle
        self._parser = parser

    def __iter__(self):
        return self

00159     def next(self):
        """next(self) -> object

        Return the next medline record from the file.  If no more records,
        return None.

        lines = []
        for line in self.handle:
            if line.strip()=='':
            raise StopIteration
        data = ''.join(lines)

        if self._parser is not None:
            return self._parser.parse_str(data)
        return data

00180 class RecordParser(AbstractParser):
    """Parses Medline data into a Record object.

    def __init__(self):
        self._scanner = _Scanner()
        self._consumer = _RecordConsumer()

    def parse(self, handle):
        self._scanner.feed(handle, self._consumer)
        return self._consumer.data

00192 class _Scanner:
    """Scans a Medline record.
    # map the category qualifier to an event
    _categories = {
        "AA" : "abstract_author",
        "AB" : "abstract",
        "AD" : "address",
        "AU" : "author",
        "CA" : "call_number",
        "CM" : "comments",
        "CU" : "class_update_date",
        "CY" : "country",
        "DA" : "entry_date",
        "DP" : "publication_date",
        "EA" : "english_abstract",
        "EM" : "entry_month",
        "GS" : "gene_symbol",
        "ID" : "identification",
        "IP" : "issue_part_supplement",
        "IS" : "issn",
        "JC" : "journal_title_code",
        "LA" : "language",
        "LI" : "special_list",
        "LR" : "last_revision_date",
        "MH" : "mesh_heading",
        "MN" : "mesh_tree_number",
        "MR" : "major_revision_date",
        "NI" : "no_author",
        "NM" : "substance_name",
        "PG" : "pagination",
        "PS" : "personal_name_as_subject",
        "PT" : "publication_type",
        "RF" : "number_of_references",
        "RN" : "cas_registry_number",
        "RO" : "record_originator",
        "SB" : "journal_subset",
        "SH" : "subheadings",
        "SI" : "secondary_source_id",
        "SO" : "source",
        "TA" : "title_abbreviation",
        "TI" : "title",
        "TT" : "transliterated_title",
        "UI" : "unique_identifier",
        "VI" : "volume_issue",
        "YR" : "year",

        # Not documented.
        "PMID" : "pubmed_id",

00244     def feed(self, handle, consumer):
        """feed(self, handle, consumer)

        Feed in a Medline unit record for scanning.  handle is a file-like
        object that contains a Medline record.  consumer is a
        Consumer object that will receive events as the report is scanned.

        if isinstance(handle, File.UndoHandle):
            uhandle = handle
            uhandle = File.UndoHandle(handle)

        # Read the Entrez header information, if it exists
        if attempt_read_and_call(uhandle, consumer.noevent, start='Entrez'):
            read_and_call(uhandle, consumer.noevent, start='----------------')
        self._scan_record(uhandle, consumer)

    def _scan_record(self, uhandle, consumer):

        prev_qualifier = None
        while 1:
            line = uhandle.readline()
            if is_blank_line(line):

            # There are 2 possible formats for a line:
            # TI  - Epidemiology of mycobacterial resistance (especially Mycoba
            #       tuberculosis).
            # 1) qualifier + '-' + data
            # 2) continuation, with just data

            # Check to see if it's a continuation line.
            qualifier = line[:4].rstrip()
            # There's a bug in some MH lines where the "isolation &
            # purification" subheading gets split across lines and
            # purification at the beginning of the line, with only 1
            # space.
            if line[0] == '\t' or qualifier == '' or \
               line[:13] == ' purification':
                if prev_qualifier is None:
                    raise ValueError, "Continuation on first line\n%s" % line
                qualifier = prev_qualifier
                # Make sure it contains a '-'
                if len(line) < 5 or line[4] != '-':
                    raise ValueError, \
                          "I don't understand the format of line %s" % line
            prev_qualifier = qualifier
                fn = getattr(consumer, self._categories[qualifier])
            except KeyError:
                # call an 'undefined' function for 

00305 class _RecordConsumer(AbstractConsumer):
    """Consumer that converts a Medline record to a Record object.

    data    Record with Medline data.

    def __init__(self):
        self.data = None

    def start_record(self):
        self.data = Record()

    def end_record(self):

    def abstract_author(self, line):
        self.data.abstract_author = self._clean(line)
    def abstract(self, line):
        self.data.abstract = self.data.abstract + self._clean(line, rstrip=0)
    def address(self, line):
        self.data.address = self.data.address + self._clean(line, rstrip=0)
    def author(self, line):
    def call_number(self, line):
        assert not self.data.call_number, "call numbers already defined"
        self.data.call_number = self._clean(line)
    def comments(self, line):
    def class_update_date(self, line):
        assert not self.data.class_update_date, \
               "class update date already defined"
        self.data.class_update_date = self._clean(line)
    def country(self, line):
        assert not self.data.country, "country already defined"
        self.data.country = self._clean(line)
    def entry_date(self, line):
        assert not self.data.entry_date, "entry date already defined"
        self.data.entry_date = self._clean(line)
    def publication_date(self, line):
        assert not self.data.publication_date, \
               "publication date already defined"
        self.data.publication_date = self._clean(line)
    def english_abstract(self, line):
        assert not self.data.english_abstract, \
               "english abstract already defined"
        self.data.english_abstract = self._clean(line)
    def entry_month(self, line):
        assert not self.data.entry_month, \
               "entry month already defined"
        self.data.entry_month = self._clean(line)
    def gene_symbol(self, line):
    def identification(self, line):
    def issue_part_supplement(self, line):
        assert not self.data.issue_part_supplement, \
               "issue/part/supplement already defined"
        self.data.issue_part_supplement = self._clean(line)
    def issn(self, line):
        assert not self.data.issn, "ISSN already defined"
        self.data.issn = self._clean(line)
    def journal_title_code(self, line):
        assert not self.data.journal_title_code, \
               "journal title code already defined"
        self.data.journal_title_code = self._clean(line)
    def language(self, line):
    def special_list(self, line):
        assert not self.data.special_list, "special list already defined"
        self.data.special_list = self._clean(line)
    def last_revision_date(self, line):
        assert not self.data.last_revision_date, \
               "last revision date already defined"
        self.data.last_revision_date = self._clean(line)
    def mesh_heading(self, line):
        # Check to see whether this is a new MH line, or a
        # continuation of an old one.  If it's a continuation of an
        # old one, append it to the previous line.
        # See PMID 12107064 for an example, found by Dan Rubin.
        if line[:2] == 'MH':
            prev_mh = self.data.mesh_headings.pop()
            continued_mh = self._clean(line)
            self.data.mesh_headings.append("%s %s" % (prev_mh, continued_mh))
    def mesh_tree_number(self, line):
    def major_revision_date(self, line):
        assert not self.data.major_revision_date, \
               "major revision date already defined"
        self.data.major_revision_date = self._clean(line)
    def no_author(self, line):
        assert not self.data.no_author, "no author already defined"
        self.data.no_author = self._clean(line)
    def substance_name(self, line):
        assert not self.data.substance_name, "substance name already defined"
        self.data.substance_name = self._clean(line)
    def pagination(self, line):
        assert not self.data.pagination, "pagination already defined"
        self.data.pagination = self._clean(line)
    def personal_name_as_subject(self, line):
    def publication_type(self, line):
    def number_of_references(self, line):
        assert not self.data.number_of_references, \
               "num of references already defined"
        self.data.number_of_references = self._clean(line)
    def cas_registry_number(self, line):
    def record_originator(self, line):
    def journal_subset(self, line):
    def subheadings(self, line):
    def secondary_source_id(self, line):
    def source(self, line):
        self.data.source = self.data.source + self._clean(line, rstrip=0)
    def title_abbreviation(self, line):
        self.data.title_abbreviation = self.data.title_abbreviation + \
                                       self._clean(line, rstrip=0)
    def title(self, line):
        self.data.title = self.data.title + self._clean(line, rstrip=0)
    def transliterated_title(self, line):
        self.data.transliterated_title = self.data.transliterated_title + \
                                         self._clean(line, rstrip=0)
    def unique_identifier(self, line):
        assert not self.data.id, "id already defined"
        self.data.id = self._clean(line)
    def volume_issue(self, line):
        assert not self.data.volume_issue, "volume issue already defined"
        self.data.volume_issue = self._clean(line)
    def year(self, line):
        assert not self.data.year, "year already defined"
        self.data.year = self._clean(line)
    def pubmed_id(self, line):
        assert not self.data.pubmed_id, "PMID already defined"
        self.data.pubmed_id = self._clean(line)

    def undefined(self, line):
        # Records sometimes contain lines with qualifiers that don't match
        # any in the standard.  All these lines go into another variable.
        # Some undefined qualifiers:
        # 4098, 4099, 4100, 4101
        # 634
        # NP, PID, EDAT, MHDA

    def _clean(self, line, rstrip=1):
        tab = line.find('\t')
        if tab >= 0:
            nospace = line[tab+1:]
        elif line[:13] == ' purification':
            nospace = line[1:]
            nospace = line[6:]
        if rstrip:
            return nospace.rstrip()
        return nospace

    _needs_stripping = [
        'abstract', 'source', 'address', 'title_abbreviation',
        'title', 'transliterated_title'
    def _clean_record(self, rec):
        # Remove trailing newlines
        for m in self._needs_stripping:
            value = getattr(rec, m)
            setattr(rec, m, value.rstrip())

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