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00001 """Bio.Mindy provides functionality building on the Martel parser (DEPRECATED).

Andrew Dalke is no longer maintaining Martel or Bio.Mindy, and these modules
are now deprecated.  They are no longer used in any of the current Biopython
parsers, and are likely to be removed in a future release.

import warnings
warnings.warn("Martel and those parts of Biopython depending on it" \
              +" directly (such as Bio.Mindy) are now deprecated, and will" \
              +" be removed in a future release of Biopython.  If you want"\
              +" to continue to use this code, please get in contact with"\
              +" the Biopython developers via the mailing lists to avoid"\
              +" its permanent removal from Biopython.", \

import os, sys
_open = open  # rename for internal use -- gets redefined below

def open(dbname, mode = "r"):
    text = _open(os.path.join(dbname, "config.dat"), "rb").read()
    line = text.split("\n")[0]
    if line == "index\tBerkeleyDB/1":
        import BerkeleyDB
        return BerkeleyDB.open(dbname, mode)
    elif line == "index\tflat/1":
        import FlatDB
        return FlatDB.open(dbname, mode)

    raise TypeError("Unknown index type: %r" % (line,))

def main():
    from Bio import Std
    import XPath
    import FlatDB
        #dbname = "sprot_flat",
        dbname = "sprot_small",
        filenames = ["/home/dalke/ftps/swissprot/smaller_sprot38.dat",
        #filenames = ["/home/dalke/ftps/swissprot/sprot38.dat",
        primary_namespace = "entry",
        extract_info = [
        ("entry", "//entry_name"),
        ("accession", "//%s[@type='accession']" % (Std.dbid.tag,)),
        #creator_factory = FlatDB.CreateFlatDB,

if __name__ == "__main__":

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