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# Copyright 1999 by Cayte Lindner.  All rights reserved.
# This code is part of the Biopython distribution and governed by its
# license.  Please see the LICENSE file that should have been included
# as part of this package.

import os
from Bio import Prosite

tests = [ 'ps00107.txt',
          'ps00546.txt' ]

def print_list( list ):
    for item in list:
        print( '    ' + str( item ) )

for test in tests:
    print "testing %s" % test
    datafile = os.path.join( 'Prosite', test )
    src_handle = open(datafile)
    data = Prosite.read(src_handle)
    print data.name
    print data.type
    print data.accession
    print data.created
    print data.data_update
    print data.info_update
#    print data.data_info
    print data.pdoc
    print data.description
    print data.pattern
    print data.matrix
    print data.rules
    print data.nr_sp_release
    print data.nr_sp_seqs
    print data.cc_taxo_range
    print data.cc_max_repeat
#    print data.name
    print 'cc_site'
    print_list( data.cc_site )
    print 'dr_positive'
    print_list( data.dr_positive )
    print 'dr_false_neg'
    print_list( data.dr_false_neg )
    print 'dr_false_pos'
    print_list( data.dr_false_pos )
    print 'dr_potential'
    print_list( data.dr_potential )
    print 'dr_unknown'
    print_list( data.dr_unknown )
    print 'pdb_structs'
    print_list( data.pdb_structs )

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