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Bio::Mindy::SimpleSeqRecord Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Index a file based on information in a SeqRecord object.

This indexer tries to make it simple to index a file of records (ie. like
a GenBank file full of entries) so that individual records can be 
readily retrieved.

The indexing in this file takes place by converting the elements in the
file into SeqRecord objects, and then indexing by some item in these 
SeqRecords. This is a slower method, but is very flexible.

We have two default functions to index by the id and name elements of a
SeqRecord (ie. LOCUS and accession number from GenBank). There is also 
a base class which you can derive from to create your own indexer
which allows you to index by anything you feel like using python code.


class  BaseSeqRecordIndexer
class  FixDocumentBuilder
class  FunctionIndexer
class  SimpleIndexer


def create_berkeleydb
def create_flatdb

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