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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Check for the ability to read and write identical GenBank records.

This script takes as input a single file to be tested for reading records.
It will run through this file and check that the output of the parsed and
printed record matches the original record.

python check_output.py <name of file to parse>
# standard modules
import sys
import os
import cStringIO
import gzip

# biopython
from Bio import GenBank

def do_comparison(good_record, test_record):
    """Compare two records to see if they are the same.

    Ths compares the two GenBank record, and will raise an AssertionError
    if two lines do not match, showing the non-matching lines.
    good_handle = cStringIO.StringIO(good_record)
    test_handle = cStringIO.StringIO(test_record)

    while 1:
        good_line = good_handle.readline()
        test_line = test_handle.readline()

        if not(good_line) and not(test_line):

        if not(good_line):
            if good_line.strip():
                raise AssertionError("Extra info in Test: `%s`" % test_line)
        if not(test_line):
            if test_line.strip():
                raise AssertionError("Extra info in Expected: `%s`"
                                     % good_line)

        assert test_line == good_line, \
               "Expected does not match Test.\nExpect:`%s`\nTest  :`%s`\n" % \
               (good_line, test_line)
def write_format(file):
    record_parser = GenBank.RecordParser(debug_level = 2)

    print "Testing GenBank writing for %s..." % os.path.basename(file)
    # be able to handle gzipped files
    if file.find(".gz") >= 0:
        cur_handle = gzip.open(file, "r")
        compare_handle = gzip.open(file, "r")
        cur_handle = open(file, "r")
        compare_handle = open(file, "r")

    iterator = GenBank.Iterator(cur_handle, record_parser)
    compare_iterator = GenBank.Iterator(compare_handle)
    while 1:
        cur_record = iterator.next()
        compare_record = compare_iterator.next()
        if cur_record is None or compare_record is None:

        # print "\tTesting for %s" % cur_record.version

        output_record = str(cur_record) + "\n"
            do_comparison(compare_record, output_record)
        except AssertionError, msg:
            print "\tTesting for %s" % cur_record.version
            print msg


if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv) != 2:
        print __doc__


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