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def Bio::GenBank::Scanner::EmblScanner::_feed_first_line (   self,
) [private]

Handle the LOCUS/ID line, passing data to the comsumer

This should be implemented by the EMBL / GenBank specific subclass

Used by the parse_records() and parse() methods.

Reimplemented from Bio::GenBank::Scanner::InsdcScanner.

Definition at line 551 of file Scanner.py.

00551                                               :
        assert line[:self.HEADER_WIDTH].rstrip() == "ID"
        if line[self.HEADER_WIDTH:].count(";") == 6:
            #Looks like the semi colon separated style introduced in 2006
            self._feed_first_line_new(consumer, line)
        elif line[self.HEADER_WIDTH:].count(";") == 3:
            #Looks like the pre 2006 style
            self._feed_first_line_old(consumer, line)
            raise ValueError('Did not recognise the ID line layout:\n' + line)

    def _feed_first_line_old(self, consumer, line):

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