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Bio::Restriction::Restriction::Meth_Undep Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Bio::Restriction::Restriction::Meth_Undep:

Bio::Restriction::Restriction::AbstractCut Bio::Restriction::Restriction::RestrictionType

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Implement informations about methylation sensitibility.

Enzymes of this class are not sensible to methylation.

Definition at line 787 of file Restriction.py.

Public Member Functions

def __add__
def __div__
def __eq__
def __floordiv__
def __ge__
def __gt__
def __init__
def __le__
def __len__
def __lt__
def __mod__
def __ne__
def __rdiv__
def __repr__
def __rfloordiv__
def __rshift__
def __rtruediv__
def __str__
def __truediv__
def all_suppliers
def equischizomers
def frequency
def is_equischizomer
def is_isoschizomer
def is_methylable
def is_neoschizomer
def isoschizomers
def neoschizomers
def search

Static Public Attributes

tuple all_suppliers = classmethod(all_suppliers)
tuple equischizomers = classmethod(equischizomers)
tuple frequency = classmethod(frequency)
tuple is_equischizomer = classmethod(is_equischizomer)
tuple is_isoschizomer = classmethod(is_isoschizomer)
tuple is_methylable = classmethod(is_methylable)
tuple is_neoschizomer = classmethod(is_neoschizomer)
tuple isoschizomers = classmethod(isoschizomers)
tuple neoschizomers = classmethod(neoschizomers)
tuple search = classmethod(search)

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