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Bio::SeqFeature::FeatureLocation Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Specify the location of a feature along a sequence.

This attempts to deal with fuzziness of position ends, but also
make it easy to get the start and end in the 'normal' case (no

You should access the start and end attributes with
your_location.start and your_location.end. If the start and
end are exact, this will return the positions, if not, we'll return
the approriate Fuzzy class with info about the position and fuzziness.

Note that the start and end location numbering follow Python's scheme,
thus a GenBank entry of 123..150 (one based counting) becomes a location
of [122:150] (zero based counting).

Definition at line 291 of file SeqFeature.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def __str__

Static Public Attributes

tuple end
tuple nofuzzy_end
tuple nofuzzy_start
tuple start

Private Member Functions

def _get_nofuzzy_end
def _get_nofuzzy_start
def _shift

Private Attributes


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