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# Copyright 2007-2010 by Peter Cock.  All rights reserved.
# Revisions copyright 2007-2008 by Michiel de Hoon.  All rights reserved.
# This code is part of the Biopython distribution and governed by its
# license.  Please see the LICENSE file that should have been included
# as part of this package.

"""Testing online code for fetching sequences, and parsing them

Uses Bio.SeqIO to parse files downloaded with Bio.GenBank, Bio.WWW.NCBI, 
Bio.ExPASy etc.

    Make sure that all retrieval is working as expected.
    May catch some format changes early too.
import sys
import unittest

import requires_internet

from Bio import MissingExternalDependencyError

#We want to test these:
from Bio import Entrez
from Bio import ExPASy

#In order to check any sequences returned
from Bio import SeqIO
from StringIO import StringIO
from Bio.SeqUtils.CheckSum import seguid

from Bio.File import UndoHandle

#This lets us set the email address to be sent to NCBI Entrez:
Entrez.email = "biopython-dev@biopython.org"

00038 class ExPASyTests(unittest.TestCase):
    """Tests for Bio.ExPASy module."""
00040     def test_get_sprot_raw(self):
        identifier = "O23729"
            #This is to catch an error page from our proxy:
            handle = UndoHandle(ExPASy.get_sprot_raw(identifier))
            if handle.peekline().startswith("<!DOCTYPE HTML"):
                raise IOError
            record = SeqIO.read(handle, "swiss")
        except IOError:
            raise MissingExternalDependencyError(
                  "internet (or maybe just ExPASy) not available")
        self.assertEqual(record.id, identifier)
        self.assertEqual(len(record), 394)
        self.assertEqual(seguid(record.seq), "5Y08l+HJRDIlhLKzFEfkcKd1dkM")

class EntrezTests(unittest.TestCase):
    def simple(self, database, formats, entry, length, checksum):
        for f in formats:
                handle = Entrez.efetch(db=database, id=entry, rettype=f)
                record = SeqIO.read(handle, f)
            except IOError:
                raise MissingExternalDependencyError(
                      "internet (or maybe just NCBI) not available")
            self.assert_((entry in record.name) or \
                         (entry in record.id) or \
                         ("gi" in record.annotations \
                          and record.annotations["gi"]==entry),
                         "%s got %s, %s" % (entry, record.name, record.id))
            self.assertEqual(len(record), length)
            self.assertEqual(seguid(record.seq), checksum)

for database, formats, entry, length, checksum in [
    ("genome", ["fasta", "gb"], "X52960", 248,
    ("nucleotide", ["fasta", "gb"], "6273291", 902,
    ("protein", ["fasta", "gb"], "16130152", 367,
    def funct(d, f, e, l, c):
        method = lambda x : x.simple(d, f, e, l, c)
        method.__doc__ = "Bio.Entrez.efetch(%s, %s, ...)" % (d, e)
        return method
    setattr(EntrezTests, "test_%s_%s" % (database, entry),
            funct(database, formats, entry, length, checksum))
    del funct        
del database, formats, entry, length, checksum

if __name__ == "__main__":
    runner = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity = 2)


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