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# Copyright 2009 by Cymon J. Cox.  All rights reserved.
# This code is part of the Biopython distribution and governed by its
# license.  Please see the LICENSE file that should have been included
# as part of this package.
"""Command line wrapper for the multiple alignment program PROBCONS.

__docformat__ = "epytext en" #Don't just use plain text in epydoc API pages!

from Bio.Application import _Option, _Switch, _Argument, AbstractCommandline

00012 class ProbconsCommandline(AbstractCommandline):
    """Command line wrapper for the multiple alignment program PROBCONS.



    To align a FASTA file (unaligned.fasta) with the output in ClustalW
    format, and otherwise default settings, use:

    >>> from Bio.Align.Applications import ProbconsCommandline
    >>> probcons_cline = ProbconsCommandline(input="unaligned.fasta",
    ...                                      clustalw=True)
    >>> print probcons_cline
    probcons -clustalw unaligned.fasta

    You would typically run the command line with probcons_cline() or via
    the Python subprocess module, as described in the Biopython tutorial.
    Note that PROBCONS will write the alignment to stdout, which you may
    want to save to a file and then parse, e.g.::

        stdout, stderr = probcons_cline()
        handle = open("aligned.aln", "w")
        from Bio import AlignIO
        align = AlignIO.read("aligned.fasta", "clustalw")

    Alternatively, to parse the output with AlignIO directly you can
    use StringIO to turn the string into a handle::

        stdout, stderr = probcons_cline()
        from StringIO import StringIO
        from Bio import AlignIO
        align = AlignIO.read(StringIO(stdout), "clustalw")

    Do, C.B., Mahabhashyam, M.S.P., Brudno, M., and Batzoglou, S. 2005.
    PROBCONS: Probabilistic Consistency-based Multiple Sequence Alignment.
    Genome Research 15: 330-340. 

    Last checked agains version: 1.12
    def __init__(self, cmd="probcons", **kwargs):
        self.parameters = \
            #Note that some options cannot be assigned via properties using the
            #original documented option (because hyphens are not valid for names in
            #python), e.g cmdline.pre-training = 3 will not work
            #In these cases the shortened option name should be used
            #cmdline.pre = 3
            _Switch(["-clustalw", "clustalw"],
                    "Use CLUSTALW output format instead of MFA"),
            _Option(["-c", "c", "--consistency", "consistency" ],
                    "Use 0 <= REPS <= 5 (default: 2) passes of consistency transformation",
                    checker_function=lambda x: x in range(0,6),
            _Option(["-ir", "--iterative-refinement", "iterative-refinement", "ir"],
                    "Use 0 <= REPS <= 1000 (default: 100) passes of "
                    checker_function=lambda x: x in range(0,1001),
            _Option(["-pre", "--pre-training", "pre-training", "pre"],
                    "Use 0 <= REPS <= 20 (default: 0) rounds of pretraining",
                    checker_function=lambda x: x in range(0,21),
            _Switch(["-pairs", "pairs"],
                    "Generate all-pairs pairwise alignments"),
            _Switch(["-viterbi", "viterbi"],
                    "Use Viterbi algorithm to generate all pairs "
                    "(automatically enables -pairs)"),
            _Switch(["-verbose", "verbose"],
                    "Report progress while aligning (default: off)"),
            _Option(["-annot", "annot"],
                    "Write annotation for multiple alignment to FILENAME",
            _Option(["-t", "t", "--train", "train"],
                    "Compute EM transition probabilities, store in FILENAME "
                    "(default: no training)",
            _Switch(["-e", "e", "--emissions", "emissions"],
                    "Also reestimate emission probabilities (default: off)"),
            _Option(["-p", "p", "--paramfile", "paramfile"],
                    "Read parameters from FILENAME",
            _Switch(["-a", "--alignment-order", "alignment-order", "a"],
                    "Print sequences in alignment order rather than input "
                    "order (default: off)"),
            #Input file name
                      "Input file name. Must be multiple FASTA alignment "+ \
                      "(MFA) format",
        AbstractCommandline.__init__(self, cmd, **kwargs)

def _test():
    """Run the module's doctests (PRIVATE)."""
    print "Runing modules doctests..."
    import doctest
    print "Done"

if __name__ == "__main__":

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